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INGLIZ TILI fanidan test savollari

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INGLIZ TILI fanidan test savollari
INGLIZ TILI fanidan test savollari

1. On … first day they stopped at … river and decided to make … camp .
A) the /an /a     B) the/-/a     C) the/ a/a      D) -/the/-

2. At … first it was difficult for her to drive … car in … London .
A) a/-/the     B) the/the/-    C) -/-/the     D) -/the/-
3. Mr Born opened … account with … bank.
A) -/a     B) the/-     C) an/a     D) the /an

4. Max … to be good at interpreting, … he?
A) seems/doesn’t    B) seem/does    C)seemed/does    D)seem /doesn’t

5. Find the  Antonym.  Having PASSED his exams he began to look for job .
A) taken    B)failed in   C) sunburnt   D) fought

6. Being in … Ukraine we made … all-night journey
A) a/an   B) -/an   C) the/the    D) the/an

7. We watched the coastline… slowly .
A) recede   B) to recede  C) recedes   D) have receded

8. Hope is … good breakfast, but … bad supper .
A) the/the   B) a/a   C) a/the   D) a/an

9. She said that Bob … as he … research work.
A) is busy/will be doing   B) was busy/had done    C)was busy/have done   D) was busy/was doing

10. He will sit in the room to keep … warm .
A) himself    B) herself     C) them self   D) yourself

11. Antonym.  . This box is very light . The man can EASILY left it.
A) badly   B) hurriedly   C) slowly     D) hardly

12. Synonym. I have been to Tashkent A NUMBER OF TIMES.
A)no time    B) some time    C) the same time   D) several times

13. It’s the happiest evening I ever …
A) had    B) have had    C) has   D) has had

14. Jack London, … great American novelist , was born in … city of San -Fransisco and Spent … first year of his life there.
A) the/a/the    B) an/a /the   C)the/an/a   D)a/the/the
15. Synonym. At the age of 17 he LEFT school and went to work at the factory.
A) graduated   B) went out    C) entered     D) finished.

16. Antonym . Let’s open the window . It’s very HOT here .
A)dark   B) cold   C) stuffy    D) foggy
17.… workers in …. Capitalist countries fight for … better life .
A) -/-/a    B) the/the/the    C) the/the/a     D) -/the/the

18. Please, tell me something … than this old joke
A) interesting    B) less interesting     C) more interesting    D) the most interesting
19. What river is Washington DC situated on?   
A) the Thames    B) the Mississippi   
C) the Colorado       D) the Columbia     E) the Potomac

20. There were …twenty people in … room .  
A)-/-   B)-/the   C)the/-   D)-/a   E)the/a

21. My friends ask me, "Are you very busy?”   My friends ask me  if I … very busy .
A) am    B) was    C) was I     D) am I     E) are

22. Girls are much …than boys.
A) quiet    B)the quietest    C) so quieter    D) quieter   E) too quiet

23. There is …hair in my soup and ..plate is durty.
A) -/-    B)-/the    C) a/the    D) the/at    E) -/the

24. Little Onora’s at … school . Her mother wants to speak to her daughter’s teacher so she has gone to … school to see the teacher.
A) the/the   B) a/the   C) -/the   D) -/-   E) the/-

25. He knew that she … .
A) will leave for Qarshi tomorrow       B) would leave for Qarshi the following day
C) would leave to Qarshi tomorrow     D) will leave to Qarshi the following day
E) leaves to Qarshi tomorrow

26… is … watch and … is … .
A) that/her/this/you     B) this/him/that/her   C) this/my/ that/yours    D) this/you/that/your      E) this/her/that/her.

27. He was appointed … chief engineer of … plant not long ago .
A) -/the   B) the/the   C) a/the   D) a/a   E) -/-

28. I … you this book after I … it.
A) give/read   B) shall give/had read   C) shall give/have read   D) have given/shall read   E) am giving /read

29. I … so upset, if I … you.
A) am/am    B) wouldn’t/be/ were    C) wasn’t /were   D) shan’t be/would be

30.  Piccadilly  Circus is … .
A) famous for its clowns and trained animals   B) an architectural monument of an Ancient time
C) a fashionable hotel    D) a square in the center of London     E) a state gallery

31. She had…feeling that he was …honest man.
A) -/a   B) a/a   C) a/an   D) the/the    E) an/an

32. What are curtains usually made … ?
A) in    B) with    C) of    D) from    E) at

33. –I wasn’t at school when I heard the news. -… .
A)So did I      B) Yes, I was.  
C). Did you?      D)Neither were they     E) No she wasn’t

34. He evidently … his shoes for a long time. They were worn out .
A)were wearing    B) are wearing   C) had been wearing  D)was wearing  E)had been worn

35. Their goods are … great demand and sold very well … that price.  
A) at/at   B) in/at   C) for/on   D) of at    E) of/on 

36. The program director used … his own letters.
A) to write    B) write    C) have written    D) writes    E) writing 

37. The man is used … his newspaper in the morning
A) reads   B) to read   C) reading   D) have read   E) is reading

38. The students arrived late … the traffic jam .
A) because  B) at   C) in   D) of   E)because of 

39. Olimov called … the men’s department of a big department store.
A) on   B) to   C) at     D) into     E) upon

40. The … in him overweighs the … .  
A) best/worst    B) better/bad    C) good/worse   D) best/bad    E)good/bad

41. Tom … pass his exam in Literature and now he is working hard as he … take it again.
А) can’t/was able  B) must/had to  C) may/could  D) couldn’t/has to  E) can’t/had to

42. We asked … to join … if … liked.
A) you/their/we   B)me/them/theirs  C) you/her/you    D) they/you/their   E) them/we/he

43. Have … seen … ?  Is this book … ?
A) she/her/his     B) they/hers/my/ 
C) you/her/hers   D) him/me/mine    E) you/me/your 

44. She had … feeling that he was  … honest man .
A) -/a     B) a/a   C) a/an    D)the/the    E) an/an

45. I … you this book after I … it .
A) give /read     B) shall give/ had read
C) shall give /have read   D) have giveng /shall read  E) am giving/read

46. I … here since 1986
A) was living   B) had lived   C) lives   D) am living   E) have lived

47.  Here are the books . … is yours?
A) what   B) which    C) whose   D) How many   E) when

48. Those seats are not … , they are …
A) theirs/ours   B) her/mine    C) your/our    D) their /my   E) his/it

49. –His uncle is a very clever man .      –And … .
A) his father too B) his father also   C) so does his father
D) so is his father   E) so his father is

50. … workers in … capitalist countries fight for … better life .
A) -/-/a   B) the/the/the   C) the/the /a     D) -/the/the   E)the/-/a .

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